MFRW 52 Week Blog Challenge 2018

Read All the Books!! #MFRWAuthor

Week 17 prompt: Favorite romance genre to read or write

There’s an old bit from the TV show The Odd Couple (1970s version–I think it’s the Odd Monks episode) Felix, the persnickety roommate finds himself away overnight with nothing to read before bed. In desperation, he ends up reading the back of a tube of toothpaste. (NB: I remember this as Felix but the interwebz says it was Oscar). I was probably about 8 when my mom and I watched that episode (in reruns) and she said, “That’s you!”

I’ve always been a “read all the books” girl. I will read (almost) absolutely anything and, other than when Fox was a tiny newborn, have never gone a day without reading.

As a romance reader, I started with the Sunfire series of historical romance. Do you remember these? They always had a girl name for the title and featured a girl caught between two men as the plot line. They weren’t limited to any one historical era but I believe they were all American history based from the Mayflower forward.  My local library had them and I devoured everything they had. I seem to remember especially loving Oregan trail set Amanda which was published in 1984 when I was about 13. I started with those before I graduated to adult romances with Nora Robert’s Partners which I wrote about in a prior post.

In over three decades of romance reading, I have witnessed a series of trends. First historicals were hot, then they were dead, paranormal was hot, then it was chick lit…the list goes on. No matter what the trend was, I’ve loved reading them all.

Before I became a writer, I mostly read regencies (to get my Jane Austen fix) and small-town contemporaries. Now, since I write small-town contemporaries, I don’t read them much during the drafting process so I probably read more regencies. I also sometimes read YA or sci-fi or really whatever else takes my fancy. If it looks interesting or has my favorite tropes, I’m on board!

So basically, mom was right. I’m Felix Ungar 🙂

How about you?