Cupid's Coffeeshop

It’s release day for Pumpkin Spice


Wow! I cannot believe that the tenth Cupid’s Coffeeshop book (and my 13th book!) releases today. I really loved writing Natalie and Jameson’s story. Are you ready for some football?


Here’s the book trailer:


Natalie Lawson just wants a chance to coach the high school football team. I imagine her looking like Holland Roden

nat2 natalie1

She’s instantly attracted to her new boss, high school principal Jameson Kincade, who I imagine looking like Jason Bateman (any Arrested Development fans? Loved him as Michael Bluth!)

jameson1 jameson2

We met Jameson’s dad, Ashford Falls Fire Chief, Chris Kincade, in Fireworks Frappe. He makes another appearance here (and may get his own happily ever after in a future Ashford Falls series–shhhh! It’s a secret for now!) I imagine him looking like a cross between Bruce Greenwood and Sam Elliott–Yum!)

chriskincade1 chriskincade2

Jameson’s son, Kieran Kincade, also makes an appearance in this book, as one of Natalie’s football team members. He’ll be showing up next month as the hero of Thanksgiving Dream too. I imagine him looking like Beau Mirchoff. (Any fans of Maddy from Awkward?)

kieran1 kieran2

As the Ashford Falls Panthers try anything to score on the field, will Natalie and Jameson discover they are perfectly matched? Find out in Pumpkin Spice, tenth in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series.


Apple Cider will be free for a limited time to celebrate the release of the tenth book.


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