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Month: June 2015

Binge-Watching Friends Update

I finally finished watching Friends. Overall, I really loved it and enjoyed spending time in Central Perk with the six of them. I’m sure I’ll rewatch the episodes for years to come. 1) How much did the writers hate Ross? (Or what did David Schwimmer do to the show runner?) Ross is my least favorite character and I think David Schwimmer comes across as whiney and shrill. Having said that, he also got the worst material and, yet, he continually gave it his all. I still loathe Ross but I admire David Schwimmer for his dedication to the role. It…

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And the living is easy…

Happy Summer! Fox is out of school for the summer. Hard to believe he’s not a kindergartener anymore. I borrowed this meme about summer from my friend Mary’s blog, Passionate Perseverance. She started the blog to document her life with her severely disabled daughter, also named Courtney. Her story is amazing (have Kleenex ready if you read it!) and she’s always an inspiration to me. Here are my Answer Me This answers for Summertime… #1 – Any big plans for the summer? Mostly, I’m going to be spending summer with my favorite guy, Fox. He is going to camp on…

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Visiting the Fishes

For our final spring break adventure, we took a day trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Located at the Inner Harbor, we visited on a cold, overcast spring day. The Aquarium is divided into three main sections. The reef is the largest exhibit. Visitors walk through, starting at the surface with rays and turtles and then trailing into the depths to see the sharks. Other fish exhibits are studded throughout. A second area is devoted to Dolphin Discovery. The aquarium has five female dolphins and two young males. We stayed through feeding time, which Fox loved. Downstairs, in that…

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Cover Reveal

The amazing Killion Group just finished my cover for my novel, The Lost Art of Second Chances, available 8 September 2015. How exciting is this? Didn’t they do a gorgeous job! Here’s the ebook cover: You can read an excerpt here.  

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