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October Currently Post

Well, it’s been a minute since I did one of these “Currently” posts! I always have the best of intentions to blog regularly but you know what they say about intentions and road paving and all that. Anyway, it’s Halloween as I write this (Happy Halloween!!) or as I like to call it Nanowrimo Eve. I’m about to dive headlong into the excitement of National Novel Writing Month so I thought I should give you all a bit of an update before I do so.

2019 has been a very good writing year for me. Considering I only wrote 13k in all of 2018, I worried that I would struggle to get momentum coming off my hiatus. I’m happy to report that my word count total is well over 150k for this year and with a successful Nanowrimo complete next month, I’ll be well over 200k for the year. Sadly, I can’t tell you much about those completed 150k words but hopefully, you’ll see them sometime, someday, eventually. (Fingers crossed!)

It’s National Novel Writing Month!!

WRITING: My Nanowrimo novel is Dylan’s book! It’s the final book in my Always a Bridesmaid series. Yep, Pickle finally falls in love. It’s taken quite a while to get this book down. I originally planned for Dylan to reunite with his high school sweetheart. I had to scrap that whole draft when Dylan decided otherwise. Main characters, amiright? You do everything you can to raise them right, get them on the page, and they just do any darn thing they choose. Dylan’s heroine is someone my readers have met before though (she happens to be the sister of a former hero too).

Actual footage of Dylan

I’m delighted to finally be writing Dylan’s book, Never a Bridesmaid, even though I’ll be saying farewell to my professional bridesmaids after this. It’s always difficult to end a series but I’m planning to start writing a brand new series set in a bakery in Ashford Falls in January so that’s some consolation at least. More on that in the new year!

In preparation to write Dylan’s story, I re-read my first three books in the Bridesmaid series (Forever, Once, and Kiss) as well as totally re-wrote Desire a Bridesmaid. Both Desire and Never will be released in Fall 2020 but, in the interim, I got new covers for the first three. Aren’t they pretty???

TRAVEL: I also got to go on a super fun research trip to my beloved Savannah, Georgia as part of the planning for Dylan’s story. My husband, my son, and I had a marvelous time touring Savannah. We even got to make a trip out to Tybee Island too (where I set a wedding in December in Forever a Bridesmaid–I bet that was chilly!) So much fun!

WATCHING: I’ve been watching Derry Girls. Have you seen that one? I love that show. It’s set in Northern Ireland in the mid-1990s and follows a group of 5 high school friends. So adorable. I also am watching Season 10 of the Great British Bake Off. Don’t tell me who wins! We don’t get the finale in the US until tomorrow. I’m rooting for Alice.

LISTENING: I’m also listening to the awesome new podcast with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, Office Ladies. They are going over The Office (US) one episode at a time. It’s such a fun, in-depth dive into the world of the Office. And, of course, I had to re-watch each episode to follow along. I cannot wait until they do next week’s show, The Alliance. One of my favorite episodes of all time.

That’s about it for now! I’ll be cranking out the words all November and heading to my mom and dad’s house for Turkey Day. Before I go, I’ll share our little Halloween gingerbread houses. Aren’t they adorably sweet?

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Want a bite? Try Book + Main

Have you guys heard of this fantastic new site for romance readers? It’s called Book+Main.

Authors put up “bites” which are small portions of their books for readers to sample. There are no ads, no spammy content, no buy me now posts. Just great stuff to read. It’s a bookworm’s paradise. It’s a fun place to find out what your favorite authors are doing and to discover new favorite books.

You can browse by genre, trope, author–anything that you can think of. Here’s a great introduction to the site. Just remember–sharing is caring!

I just put up my first bite! It’s a deleted scene from Forever a Bridesmaid. I plan to put up new bites as time allows–maybe even a bit from my current work-in-progress. You can see it here. 

Please remember to share my bite and to follow me and all your favorite authors.

Book + Main is totally FREE to join and fun to browse. It’s my new favorite internet treat. Check it out here!

Bridesmaid Trilogy

Kiss a Bridesmaid is out now!

Kiss a Bridesmaid, third in the Always a Bridesmaid series, releases today at the super low introductory price of 99 cents. Don’t wait until it goes up to $2.99 next week! Buy now.

Kiss a Bridesmaid is Shortie and Abby’s story. If you’ve read Forever a Bridesmaid, Shortie is introduced in that book as Matthew Westbrook’s friend. He owns The Pie Plate. Now, he’s working with Erin as a wedding caterer and cake baker. When a naughty canine ring bearer dashes through Forsyth Park, Shortie gives chase. Abby catches the dog’s leash and ends up in the mud. And that’s how Shortie and Abby meet.

I had a great time writing Shortie and Abby’s story and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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Happy (Book) Birthday to Me!

Eight years ago today, I brought my son home from the hospital. Here’s one of my favorite shots of that day.

100_1951 (2)

Seven years later (one year ago today), I hit the “publish” button on my first novel, Forever a Bridesmaid, and rushed out the door to take my son to swim class. Later that night, just before midnight, I got to see my listing come up. One of the biggest thrills of my life.

To celebrate my first anniversary, I’ve put three of my books on sale for 99 cents, just for today. So, fill up your e-reader and scoop up some gifts for all your friends. 

Courtney's birthday bash!-2

In this first year of publishing, I published a total of 10 books (3 full-length novels and 7 novellas). In addition to that, I’ve got one boxed set, three audiobooks, and, just this week, agreed to have Forever a Bridesmaid translated into Spanish.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00021]CourtneyHunt_ForeverABridesmaid_2500pxCourtneyHunt_OnceaBridesmaid_800

Thanks to the support of my wonderful readers, I won a contract with my second novel, The Lost Art of Second Chances, and officially became a hybrid author. I am the luckiest author in the world.

CourtneyHunt_JavaFrost800 CourtneyHunt_CupidsKiss.800 CourtneyHunt_LuckyLatte.800 CourtneyHunt_CherryBlossomCappuccino.800CourtneyHunt_CafeauLait.800 CourtneyHunt_BerriesandCreamChai.800 CourtneyHunt_FireworksFrappe.2500 CourtneyHunt_CupidsCoffeeshopSetOne3D_800px

In the next year, I’ve got five more Cupid’s Coffeeshop novellas, two novellas in two different anthology boxed sets, the final novel in my Bridesmaid’s trilogy, several more boxed sets, and audiobooks to come. It’s going to be a busy year. Stick around for the ride!


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FREE Books! Celebrate release day with THREE free reads!

So, Cupid’s Kiss, the second in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series is available today. I hope you’ll love Mac and Val as much as I do. Please go purchase your copy today!


To celebrate the release of Cupid’s Kiss, I’ve put three of my other novels FREE today, for a limited time (until 15 February 2016).

Twitter Val Promo 2016

The first book in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series, Java Frost, is FREE!!


The first book in my Always a Bridesmaid series, Forever a Bridesmaid, is FREE!!


The second book in my Always a Bridesmaid, Once a Bridesmaid, is free!!


The next three stories in my Cupid’s Coffeeshop series are available for pre-order. Pick up your copies today!

Lucky Latte


Cherry Blossom Cappuccino


Cafe Au Lait 


Happy Valentine’s Day!! In honor of my Valentine’s promotion, Friday Favorites will return next week (19 February 2016).

Untitled design

Bridesmaid Trilogy


Today is the release of my third (!) novel, Once a Bridesmaid, the second in the Always a Bridesmaid series. I’m still struggling to wrap my mind around the fact that I published my first novel (Forever a Bridesmaid) on 27 July and here–a mere 4 months and a few days later–I’m publishing my third.


Once a Bridesmaid is Lauren and Kyle’s story. Lauren is Erin (the heroine of Forever a Bridesmaid)’s best friend. While Erin is in Savannah, Lauren mistakes Kyle for a stripper and indulges in one wild night with him. But Cupid’s not going to let them off the hook that easy, is he?

I hope you’ll enjoy Lauren and Kyle’s love story as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can purchase it here. Please read and review!

Also, to celebrate the release of the second book in the series, Forever a Bridesmaid is on sale for 99 cents. Hurry! It’s only on sale for a week!

Bridesmaid Trilogy

New Release!

Instead of Friday Favorites, today I bring you my debut novel! Forever a Bridesmaid, the first book in the Always a Bridesmaid series released on Monday. I’m a novelist! Finally!

Several people have asked what they can do to support a fledgling novelist. Other than the obvious purchasing (buy one for you and one for all your friends :-), leaving an honest review is the next best thing. Anything you can do to share on social media is helpful (especially Pinterest). Thanks so much to everyone who helped me get this far!

Here’s the gorgeous cover, designed by the Killion Group. And you can find it on here (print version is being formatted as we speak, if you prefer a paper copy.)


Here’s the blurb:

Will she fall in love or will she be…Forever a Bridesmaid?

From romance author Courtney Hunt comes the Always a Bridesmaid series, a fun, contemporary romance series about professional bridesmaids who end up finding their own happily ever afters…

Erin Delaney’s struggling professional bridesmaid’s business needs an infusion of cash—quick—so she can support herself and her younger brother. When she gets a last-minute contract for a week of wedding festivities in Savannah, she jumps at the chance to create the perfect wedding. But she didn’t count on the groom’s disapproving brother…

Charming architect Matthew Westbrook will do anything to stop his younger brother’s pell-mell rush to the altar. He just didn’t count on falling for the smart and sexy bridesmaid that his mother hired…

When his matchmaking mama offers to sweeten the deal, Erin will earn the money she needs, if she can manage to keep Matthew from destroying the wedding. But, when her secret deal comes to light, will she lose her chance at love…in Forever a Bridesmaid, first in the Always a Bridesmaid series?

And now I’m off to continue work on the second book in the series…

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And the living is easy…

Happy Summer! Fox is out of school for the summer. Hard to believe he’s not a kindergartener anymore. I borrowed this meme about summer from my friend Mary’s blog, Passionate Perseverance. She started the blog to document her life with her severely disabled daughter, also named Courtney. Her story is amazing (have Kleenex ready if you read it!) and she’s always an inspiration to me.

Here are my Answer Me This answers for Summertime…


#1 – Any big plans for the summer?

Mostly, I’m going to be spending summer with my favorite guy, Fox. He is going to camp on and off all summer. In between, we’re going to do crafts, go to the pool, and participate in the local library’s summer reading challenge. To that end, if anyone has any suggestions for keeping an almost 7 year old amused, let me know in the comments. I need all the help I can get.

I’m also in the final stages of two books, Forever a Bridesmaid, and The Lost Art of Second Chances while starting to draft Once a Bridesmaid. I need a time turner.


And we’re planning to go to the Outer Banks in July and Myrtle Beach in August. Should be a fun, full summer.

#2 – What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

I went to 13 years of Catholic school. I totally bought into the Jesus and the saints are watching your every move deal.
#3 – What is you favorite amusement park ride?
Any roller coaster. Anytime, baby! My favorite coaster ever is the Alpengeist in Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.


#4 – What’s on you summer reading list?

My TBR pile is teetering off the nightstand. Here are just a few choices:  I’m really looking forward to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, which is due out in September. I want to read Lauren Willig’s That Summer and The Other Daughter. I’ve heard great things about The Rocks by Peter Nichols.

I’ll also be doing summer reading with Fox. I think Henry Huggins by Beverly Clearly will be our first one.

#5 – Have you ever fallen asleep in public?

No, not since I was three and fell asleep in my stroller at Disney World.

#6 – What is your favorite smell?
All the lavender. LOVE that one. But I’m a lotions and potions kinda girl so I love lots of different ones. My all time favorite lotion is satsuma from the Body Shop. So bright and clean and happy. And I also love their new green tea line.

classic-satsuma-gift_l fuji-green-tea-body-butter_l

That’s it for this week. Tag, you’re it! Your turn to answer the questions….


Happy Summertime! 🙂

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Coloring Books


So, have you heard about the new trend of coloring books for adults? For the past several weeks, Johanna Basford’s coloring books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, have topped the Amazon bestseller charts. Full of fanciful illustrations, with plenty of room to color, these books are touted as everything from play for adults to creativity boosts to relaxation and meditation aides.



And I say, yes to all of the above 🙂 I’ve been coloring with Fox for about three years. I started out with free mandalas and downloads from Don’t Eat the Paste. (Several of the ones in the photos are from that site). I saw Basford’s books a few months ago and ordered them quickly thereafter. They are wonderful, detailed and rich, with lots of hidden things to find.


As a recovering type A (my RL friends and family need to stop laughing at that!), I have tried to meditate multiple times. My monkey mind just doesn’t want to cooperate. However, with coloring, I can fall into a meditative sort of trance. I think it’s because the repetitive motion keeps my hands busy and the inner critic quiet.


I keep a notebook beside me and write down any ideas that pop up. That’s how I’m brainstorming my current WIP, Forever a Bridesmaid. Grab yourself a box of crayons or some colored pencils and give it a try yourself.