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Recommended Blogs for Writers

Previously on the blog, I’ve discussed my recommended resources for writers, mostly focused on books. This week, I thought I’d talk about my favorite writing blogs. The easiest way to follow blogs is to use a RSS reader. I happen to use NewsBlur but there are plenty of great ones out there.

Becoming a Writer

1) The amazing novelist Jenny Crusie writes Argh, Ink! It’s not solely writing focused but, when she does discuss writing, it’s clear, straight-forward, no nonsense advice. And the crochet creations are adorable!

2) Kristen Lamb’s blog, “Warrior Writers” and her online community at My WANA (stands for We Are Not Alone).

3) Romance University is a must for anyone seeking to publish in romance. Always great topics there.

4) As a life-long romance reader, Smart Bitches Love Trashy Books is one of my all-time favorite sites. Reviews, cover snark, sales…all awesome!

5) The voice of reason during the sea-change of the publishing industry, Hugh Howey’s site Wayfinder is great. And his Wool trilogy was a hell of a series!

6) Another wonderful voice on the self-publishing revolution is The Passive Voice. Unlike most of the internet, the comments section there is really fabulous. So many great conversations there.

7) I mentioned this one in my book recommendations but Larry Brook’s StoryFix is a fabulous site. He’s blunt and direct but knows his stuff. I always read his posts.

8) Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds is fantastic. His writing advice, while profane, is funny and spot on. Start with the 350 words post and go from there.

9) K.M. Weiland’s Helping Writer’s Become Authors is also a fabulous blog. She also does a podcast so that’s another great resource.

10) Anne R. Allen does another fantastic job, especially on the self-publishing revolution.

Okay, writers, what blogs did I miss? What should I add to my newsfeed?