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Inspiration for the Nano-ers

Happy November 1st!


While most of the world is still in a sugar coma from trick-or-treating yesterday, Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) kicks off today. Get cracking my friends.


I am not officially participating in Nano this year for two reasons. We are going on a long awaited family vacation during Thanksgiving week so I’m spending most of the month prepping for that. And also, it just doesn’t fall at the right time during my writing process this year. I’m working on getting Welcoming the Muse and The Lost Art of Second Chances through final edits.

I routinely write more than 50K a month now (last month alone clocked in at about 68K) but, for me, the key to winning Nano is get a lead and keep it. So, rack up those words Wrimos.

And just for a little bit of extra inspiration for you, here’s Ze Frank’s invocation for beginnings (probably NSFW for language). May your FLLDI be strong and take off that tutu.