MFRW 52 Week Blog Challenge 2018

If I never had to do this again, it’d be too soon #MFRWAuthor

Week 11 Prompt: If I never had to do this one task again…

A domestic goddess I am not. I’d much rather curl up with a book and read or with my keyboard and write than do any household chore. I’m not a fan of cleaning or laundry or cooking. If I were a bazillionaire like some of my heroes, I’d have legions of staff to handle all that for me.

Since I don’t have a legion of staff and the woodland animals around here seem totally uninterested in helping out (thanks for that disappointed expectation, Disney!), I’m more or less stuck keeping Chez Hunt from squalor and ruin (with a bit of an assist from Fox and the Pilot). I will say that listening to audiobooks and podcasts made my new Whole 30 hobby of loading and emptying the dishwasher thirty million times a day that much more fun.

But, if I had to pick a chore that I’d prefer never to do again, I’d pick my biggest nemesis: grocery shopping. I’ve just never liked it. I can never find half of the items on my list and, at least around here, most of the grocery stores are quite crowded most of the time. I’ve been hit with a shopping cart more times than I can count while debating the ripeness of avocados in Wegmans. If my husband goes to the store, our pantry looks like a junk food apocalypse.

So, guess what? I found the solution. I don’t have to do it any longer! I use Instacart. It’s $150 per year service and they bring the groceries right to your front door. They’ll even do the Costco run for you. Just place an order online or in their app, set a delivery time within the next week, and, like magic, the groceries arrive.

I’ve noticed that we’re tending to eat healthier because we no longer have junk food impulse purchases. I also am doing much better at meal planning. Plus, since I don’t have to grocery shop, I’m much more willing to cook.

If you want to give it a try and get $10 off your first order, my affiliate code is: CHUNT2B412F

Just click here and give it a go! Let me know what you think!