Cherry Blossom Cappuccino

Cherry Blossom Cappuccino
Series: Cupid's Coffeeshop, Book 4
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Publication Year: 2016
Length: Short Story

Is it ever too late for true love?

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About the Book

Is it ever too late for true love?

When Cupid’s Coffeeshop goes mobile, handsome Joe becomes a viral media sensation as the coffee hunk. Reporter Jefferson Elliot arrives in Ashford Falls to cover the story and interview Joe—and to find his old flame, Ruby Davis.

Fifty years ago, Ruby turned down Jefferson’s marriage proposal for the chance to go to law school. Now, she’s facing retirement from her successful legal career with no idea what to do next. When Jefferson and Ruby meet again, will she have the courage to follow her heart this time?

Cherry Blossom Cappuccino is the fourth book in the heartwarming Cupid’s Coffeeshop series, featuring an entire year of couples finding their happily-ever-afters in the quaint and adorable small town of Ashford Falls, nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you enjoyed Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, or Hart of Dixie, you’ll love Courtney Hunt’s charming Cupid’s Coffeeshop series, filled to the brim with warmth, humor, and a dash of the unexpected.

Step into Cupid’s Coffeeshop where happily ever afters are served daily. Treat yourself to Cherry Blossom Cappuccino today!

Publisher’s Note: Cherry Blossom Cappuccino is a romance novella (approximately 46 pages).

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