Blue Apron Meal #2

In continuation of my culinary adventures, tonight I made my second Blue Apron recipe. It’s Seared Chicken & Verjus (sort of like white wine but without alcohol) Pan Sauce. It also contained kale and mushrooms. It’s served over homemade mashed potatoes.

Now, as I said yesterday, I am not known for my culinary gifts. My sister is the type who can whip up homemade individual beef wellingtons for Christmas Eve dinner and still have the gifts wrapped on time. Me–not so much.

I can cook adequately enough. But it’s not really my bag. I don’t like meal planning, grocery shopping, or meal prep (Eating, I’m pretty good at 🙂 So, I went into this Blue Apron lark with some trepidation but agreed to try it out as my sister and I are considering it as a Father’s Day gift.

So, follow along as I make the chicken:

Follow along as I make Blue Apron’s Seared Chicken & Verjus Pan Sauce recipe.

Follow along as I make Blue Apron’s Seared Chicken & Verjus Pan Sauce recipe.

Follow along as I make Blue Apron’s Seared Chicken & Verjus Pan Sauce recipe.


As you can see, big hit! The Pilot adored it. He even loved the kale! I’m so thrilled. It reminds me a lot of this Jamie Oliver recipe.

I have one more meal for tomorrow night and that’s it for this week. We’re getting our next order the week of the 31st.

I do really like the service. There are some drawbacks. They don’t allow you to customize for allergies or preferences. For example, Fox is allergic to shellfish. My sister doesn’t really like mushrooms. I generally prefer chicken breasts to thighs. There’s no easy way to handle that other than choosing the meals but the ingredients aren’t always obvious.

Also, I wish that they had more options like paleo or even whole 30 cooking. And the only subscription model is a weekly service. It’s easy to cancel at any time but I’d rather do a once a month service. It’s possible to do by cancelling/scheduling deliveries but it’s not easy to do.

Overall, however, it’s been a great value. The cost is about $20 per meal and we’ve had enough to feed all three of us (two adults and a 7 year old child) plus enough leftovers for one lunch. The ingredients are extremely high quality, the recipes easy to follow (obviously, as I cooked it :-), and very delicious, satisfying, nutritionally sound meals. I highly recommend you give it a try!

Will report back on our meatball adventure tomorrow!