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Still Team Jess

So, more Gilmore Girls fun today. I’m now halfway through season four which means that I’ve watched the whole Jess and Rory in high school romance play out. Since someone asked, yes, I do also like Luke and Lorelai but, honestly, the most compelling relationship for me is Jess and Rory. I crazy love them.  I wrote a rambling, sorta coherent blog post about watching Gilmore Girls during my recovery from surgery back in the fall. But I thought I’d put my English Lit degree to use and analyze what makes the show work so well and how the writers…

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What can I say? I love the bad boys!

So, I had surgery two weeks ago. It was scheduled and will make my life better and all went well. I’m recovering as expected. Recovering is boring! As I usually live my life dashing about like a squirrel on speed, I’m not used to having a lot of free time at my disposal. Sadly, I haven’t really been able to write. At first, the pain meds made me too loopy and then I couldn’t sit up enough to type because of the incisions and now I think my muse went on vacation. So, instead of writing fiction, I thought I’d…

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