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Meet Zooey and Charlie from Coconut Iced Coffee

Coconut Iced Coffee, the eighth book in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series, is out today. Grab your copy here.   All my Cupid’s Coffeeshop readers know Zooey Lockhart. She’s one of the three co-owners of Cupid’s Coffeeshop, along with her brother, Patrick, and cousin, Joe. She’s celebrating her 21st birthday and is missing her annual beach trip. Joe and Patrick give her a trip to the fictional Caribbean island of San Maria. In my head, Zooey looks like a combination of Rashida Jones and Sarah Hyland. While on San Maria, she meets Charlie Lyons. He grew up on the island but…

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Introducing Ruby and Jefferson

The fourth book in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series, Cherry Blossom Cappuccino arrives this coming Thursday, April 7th. My husband and I were married in DC at cherry blossom time so it’s a very sentimental time for me. I chose that release date because it’s my wedding anniversary. I dedicated this one to my own wonderful Prince Charming. You still have time to pre-order! You’ve already met Ruby Davis. She appears in the first two chapters of the first Cupid’s Coffeeshop book, Java Frost. She’s the lawyer who explains their grandmother’s bequest to the Lockharts. Many years ago, Ruby rejected her love’s marriage proposal…

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Introducing Grayson and Claire

The third story in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series, Lucky Latte, comes out next week. You can pre-order your copy here. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the hero and heroine of Lucky Latte. Readers of Cupid’s Kiss met Claire O’Shaughnessy already. Claire is an accountant and very career focused. We find out in Cupid’s Kiss that she hates her newest co-worker at her accounting firm. And in Lucky Latte we find out why. She looks like Grace Phipps in my head. Claire needs a date for her sister’s wedding. And her handsome co-worker–who Claire just happens to loathe–volunteers to help her…

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Meet Val and Mac from Cupid’s Kiss

Today I’d like to introduce you to the hero and heroine of Cupid’s Kiss, the second in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series. Valentina Mahon owns Val’s Cards and Gifts, directly across the square from Cupid’s Coffeeshop. And she hates Valentine’s Day. She’s become the Valentine’s Grinch of Ashford Falls. Many moons ago, my best friend managed a Hallmark store and I used to help her out and work there sometimes. Val’s holiday experiences are partly based on working there and also why I dedicated this book to my best friend, Lynn. I imagine Val looking like Bonnie Wright (She played Ginny…

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Meet Ben and Amy from Java Frost

Many authors, myself included, “cast” their books. It’s enormously helpful to choose a person or a combination of several people to help envision what a character looks like, their mannerisms and their voice. I thought I’d share the cast of Java Frost with you today. In Java Frost, Amy Lane is a preschool teacher. She’s just turned thirty and, though she isn’t unhappy, she’s questioning where the adventures are that she imagined in her youth. As the story opens, she’s decided to treat herself to a trip to London over summer break but needs a part-time job to earn the…

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