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Welcome to the Hot & Sinful Nights blog hop. Today, the authors of Hot & Sinful Nights are sharing our steamiest scenes from our books appearing in the Hot & Sinful Nights anthology. Hope you’ll enjoy.



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Excerpt from Once a Bridesmaid appearing in the Hot & Sinful Nights anthology boxed set as of 26 September 2017


This scene occurs late in the book, after the hero, Kyle, has just come home from a business trip to his commitment phobic lover, Lauren. And that’s pretty much all you need to know to enjoy this scene 🙂


Lauren grabbed his shirt, pulling him against her for a deep kiss. She twined her arms around his neck and pressed against him, the citrus and vanilla scent of her making his head swim. She traced his lower lip with her tongue before nipping lightly and stepping back. “There. Wanted that all night.”

“Me, too,” Kyle said, as she tugged him toward her bedroom.

They tumbled on to the bed together, both trying to touch each other everywhere at once. The studs from his shirt clattered on the hardwood floor as Lauren pulled his shirt open, kissing her way up his chest, little nipping kisses that made his blood pound through his veins and his breathing stutter. Desire rushed through him, making him dizzy with lust and need and maybe more. They’d only been apart a few days. How could they be this hot together so fast?

He caught the gauzy hem of her dress, sliding it slowly up past her thin ankles, shapely calves and up her thighs to pool around her waist. He skimmed his fingertips over her lacy panties, the rough lace a contrast to her silky, smooth skin. She groaned and he pressed his fingertips against her, circling gently, teasing before sliding her panties slowly down her legs, following with his mouth. She sat up, struggling to reach the back zipper on her gown.

“Turn around, beautiful.” He unzipped her, trailing kisses down her back as he slowly lowered the zipper, inch by torturous inch, revealing the creamy skin beneath. He slid his hands back up her sides, his fingers brushing over her ribs before cupping her full breasts, his thumbs circling the stiff peaks. He pulled her up against him, her back to his front, as he cupped and stroked her breasts, paying special attention to the soft undersides and her hardened nipples, as he licked at the constellations of freckles along her shoulder blades. She rocked back into him, pressing her lush bottom against his erection in a brazen invitation.

Kyle groaned, sliding his hand down her flat belly to cup her sex as they ground together. Lauren’s head fell back to rest on his shoulder as he kissed his way up her neck, her vibrant hair falling around them, tickling his skin. He nipped her earlobe before whispering, “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” Lauren whispered, her heavy-lidded eyes opening, her blue eyes dark with want. “Welcome home.”

She pulled away from him, rolling to her back on the messy floral sheets as her colorful patchwork quilt tumbled to the floor. She now wore nothing but her sheer thigh-high stockings. Kyle swallowed hard at the wanton picture she made, her hair tumbling around her with her lips swollen from his kisses, her pert nipples just a shade lighter than her slick sex. Kyle looked his fill as he unbuttoned his pants and slid them off, tossing them aside. He grasped the placket of his shirt but Lauren shook her head. His fingers stilled as he raised an eyebrow at her.

“Leave it on,” Lauren said, her voice low and husky. “It’s sexy.”

Kyle smiled at her and she grinned back as he crawled onto the bed, between her thighs, opening her wider for him. As he jostled the bed, a bright blue cylinder hit his knee. He glanced down and smiled, picking up the vibrator and flicking it on. A low buzzing noise filled the room as he held it up to show her.

“Look what I found,” Kyle chuckled. She tilted her chin up and raised her eyebrows.

“Well, you weren’t here to play with.”

“Missed me quite a bit, did you?”

Lauren smiled and then nodded shyly. She twined her calves around his thighs, pulling him closer. He fell into the cleft of her sex, loving the sweet, slick slide of them together. Kyle threw his head back and rocked against her, knowing this one woman could be his total undoing. Carefully, he eased back away from her.

“One of these days, I just want to watch you play with this.” He shook the still buzzing bright blue toy. “But for tonight, I get to play with it first.”

He set the toy on the lowest level before lowering it to brush over her nipples. She groaned, her eyes falling shut, as he trailed the toy along the undersides of her breasts. Her nipples budded even harder and he leaned down to taste them. Lauren moaned, a low sigh that reverberated through him. He trailed the toy down her stomach and over her thighs, smiling as she arched her hips up to him.

He flicked the toy up a notch before ghosting it over her sex, as her thighs fell open for him. He circled the flat head over her, learning the different settings and watching her response. He teased her entrance before sliding the toy just a few inches inside and pushing up to find the special spot that he knew would send her over the edge. Lauren arched beneath him, a low scream ripped from her as she clawed at the messy sheets, her head thrown back. She rocked up against him as he gently teased her with the toy, writhing and panting.

“Say my name, beautiful.” Kyle whispered as she panted, rocking her hips, close to falling over the edge into bliss. He swiveled the toy inside her and she screamed his name. “Say it again,” Kyle demanded as he slipped lower on the bed. He twisted the toy, pressing it up to the maximum setting, just as he used the flat of his tongue against her most sensitive spot. Her thighs shook as she flung her legs over his shoulders, her toes curling against his back.

She moaned his name, over and over, as she rocked her hips up, mindless with her need as the spasms of her release pulsed against his mouth. He raised his head to see her face. And he knew he’d never forget this moment watching her fall apart in his arms.

He grabbed for the nightstand drawer, pulling out a strip of foil packets and covering himself, his fingers shaking. He thrust deep into her tight, welcoming heat, the pulses of her release still fluttering around him. And he knew he’d come home. Home.

Lauren meant home to him.

            Kyle froze, staring down at her, wondering if he had any hope of her ever feeling the same. Somehow, while he’d been coaxing his reluctant bridesmaid into a relationship with him, he’d tripped and fallen head over heels.



He did, in fact, want a relationship with Lauren. He wanted her, all of her, everything with her, no matter what they called it, so long as he got to be with her. He remained still so long, Lauren finally dropped her hands from her face. Her blue eyes, dark and unfocused, looked up at him as she smiled up at him, rocking her hips in welcome.

I’m falling in love with her.

She leaned up, cupping his cheek as she kissed him. She straddled his lap, still keeping him inside her, rocking down onto him, her strong thighs wrapped around his hips, as she clutched at his shoulders. His heart hammered in his chest, still stunned by the enormity of his realization. She kissed him deeply, her tongue making a lazy, possessive circuit around his mouth.

Gently, she eased the shirt from his shoulders, brushing kisses along his neck and shoulder blades, keeping up their slow, slick slide together. His wrists caught in the tight cuffs of the shirt as she held his arms still, still rocking against him. He thrust up, unused to the feeling of being held captive and taken like this as arousal pounded through him, chasing any difficult realizations away. Still holding his shirt with one hand, she cupped his bottom, pulling him deeper inside her, as their bodies slapped together, in a rhythm unique to them.

Just as his release prickled through him, gathering at the base of his spine, she leaned close and captured his mouth, sucking and nipping at his lower lip. Her internal muscles clamped on him as she climaxed, her second release pulsing around him as he poured into her, his hips jerking as he emptied himself. He just managed to rasp out a single word, over and over again.



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