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Not Yet

Well, the bad news is that the Happily Ever Alpha: Falling for the Billionaire boxed set did not make the USA Today or the NY Times bestseller lists. I am bummed as the other 19 authors and I worked super hard for about 4 months to promote it. We worked our butts off and nothing. Bummer.

So, that happened. Or didn’t happen.

Waiting was agonizing over the past few days. We’d done all we could and there was nothing left to do but wait. My concentration was really low. I couldn’t write or focus for very long. Reading–my usual non-writing pastime–was totally out. I couldn’t focus on the words. I binge watched two seasons of Crazy Ex Girlfriend. I told my husband I couldn’t go to Walgreens for fear I’d fall face first into the 90% off Valentine’s candy and stress eat my way through the week.

Now, since we didn’t met our goal, I thought I’d want to head over to Walgreens to stock up on conversation hearts. As Richard Dreyfuss says in Goodbye Girl, starve a cold, feed a failure. (If you’ve never seen that movie, you should go watch it right now). But I’m actually feeling pretty good.

Just to state the obvious, it is really hard to make the bestseller lists. Not only does the author have to write an awesome book but also promote the heck out of it for months on end just to have really good sales for a week. There are a million variables. It’s crazy. So, even going for that goal is pretty awesome. Just having a chance is pretty great.

I learned so much from being in the boxed set. So.Much. That was worth the price of admission itself. And–here’s an extraordinary thing–the set was full of 20 high-powered, driven, successful women yet there wasn’t a drop of drama. Pretty amazing. At least I have 19 wonderful new author friends!

AND I would never have come up with my billionaire series without the inspiration provided by this set. Now I’m planning at least 5 more billionaire books. Pretty cool!

So, all in all, it was a positive experience. I’ll get to the bestseller lists someday. And I’m left remembering this: Sometimes no just means not yet.