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How is your summer going so far? We’re four days in to summer break here and I’ve only heard “I’m BORED!!” 54 million times since breakfast. I think we’re all looking forward to camp starting in a few weeks. So here’s what I’ve been up to recently… WRITING: I’m rewriting Christmas at Starlight Lake while drafting Double Dating with the Dead. And I had another short story idea for a mailing list giveaway. So I’m writing all the things! I’m actually really enjoying writing multiple projects and *so far* seem to be getting a lot done. So onward! I’m participating…

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So, if you follow Romancelandia on Twitter, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #CopyPasteCris. Author Courtney Milan discovered that her book, The Duchess War, had been plagiarized. Further searching uncovered the fact that, in fact, the “author” in question (Cris Serruya) had plagiarized multiple books, crafting her books into a patchwork of Frankenbooks with words lifted from Nora Roberts, Tessa Dare, Bella Andre, and many others. Cris Serruya admitted on Twitter that she’d had the books “ghostwritten” via Fiverr, took down her website, and promptly went radio silent. More and more evidence (entire paragraphs of it) continues to mount on Twitter.…

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Woohoo! Celebrate Good Times! #MFRWAuthor

Today’s topic: How I celebrate completing a manuscript By starting a new one? I’m only kidding–sort of. I’ve always been blessed with tons of ideas, more than I could hope to write in five lifetimes. Thank goodness for Evernote to keep them all straight. I’ve always got tons of new story ideas that I’m excited to explore. The truth is that writing “The End” is always an enormous relief. I’m usually excited to get to the end of the current story and start something new, with new characters and issues to explore. Plus, my books always end happily so I’m…

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Imagine a Literary Dinner Party #MFRWAuthors

NOTE:  I intended to post this on Friday morning but I set it for the wrong year! GRRR! Here it is anyway.   This week’s prompt is a fun one. Five authors (alive or dead) that I’d like to meet. Did I ever tell you all about the first time I met Nora Roberts? As I mentioned in last week’s prompt, reading Nora’s book Partners launched my romance reading hobby. She and her husband own a charming bookstore in the little town of Boonsboro, Maryland, about an hour’s drive from my hometown. So, in the mid-90s or so, my mom,…

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Binge Watch

First, let me say thank you to all of my wonderful, amazing readers. The Happily Ever Alpha: Falling for the Billionaire anthology boxed set had a terrific launch. We made it to #1 on Kobo and #4 on Barnes and Noble’s romance list. We stayed in the top 500 on Amazon with over 110 reviews in the first week. I understand we did well on Google and iTunes but I have no idea how to verify that. But overall, it was a thrilling week last week. We won’t know if we met our goal—hitting the USA Today and/or the New…

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More Lessons Learned from Watching Friends

Last month, I talked about watching the first two seasons of the sitcom, Friends, on Netflix. Now I’ve completed watching through the end of season five and I thought I’d share what more I’ve learned since then.   1) Archetypes Last time I talked about how Joey, Chandler, and Ross are archetype equivalents to Kirk, Bones and Spock (respectively). Now I wanted to talk about the girls. They are also a power trio called the Three faces of Eve. Phoebe equates to the playful innocent one, Rachel equals the hot and sexy one, and Monica is the calm and capable…

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