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Welcome to the Hot & Sinful Nights blog hop. Today, the authors of Hot & Sinful Nights are sharing our steamiest scenes from our books appearing in the Hot & Sinful Nights anthology. Hope you’ll enjoy.



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Excerpt from Once a Bridesmaid appearing in the Hot & Sinful Nights anthology boxed set as of 26 September 2017


This scene occurs late in the book, after the hero, Kyle, has just come home from a business trip to his commitment phobic lover, Lauren. And that’s pretty much all you need to know to enjoy this scene 🙂


Lauren grabbed his shirt, pulling him against her for a deep kiss. She twined her arms around his neck and pressed against him, the citrus and vanilla scent of her making his head swim. She traced his lower lip with her tongue before nipping lightly and stepping back. “There. Wanted that all night.”

“Me, too,” Kyle said, as she tugged him toward her bedroom.

They tumbled on to the bed together, both trying to touch each other everywhere at once. The studs from his shirt clattered on the hardwood floor as Lauren pulled his shirt open, kissing her way up his chest, little nipping kisses that made his blood pound through his veins and his breathing stutter. Desire rushed through him, making him dizzy with lust and need and maybe more. They’d only been apart a few days. How could they be this hot together so fast?

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Introducing Hot & Sinful Nights

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When a risqué bachelorette party leads to an unforgettable tryst, will happily ever after begin with one wild, wanton night?

Professional bridesmaid Lauren Bennett wants nothing to do with love or romance. Though she’s happy to help other brides find their way to the altar, Lauren knows a lifetime hitched to one man is not for her. Happily ever after is not in her plans.

Wedding photographer Kyle Rawlings is finished with playing the field. He’s ready to settle down with the right woman. When a case of mistaken identity drops Lauren into his lap—and his bed– he thinks fate has granted his wish.

Lauren’s usual love ‘em and leave ‘em approach doesn’t work with Kyle. As they gradually become friends and then lovers, can a fling become forever after all?

Once a Bridesmaid is the second book in the Always a Bridesmaid contemporary romance series about professional bridesmaids finding their own happily ever afters. If you enjoy witty dialogue, unforgettable characters, and steamy sex scenes, you’ll love Courtney Hunt’s light-hearted Always a Bridesmaid series.

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Hot & Sinful Nights Anthology

Introducing Hot & Sinful Nights

The Hot & Sinful Nights anthology comes out on 26 September. I’m honored to have my title, Once a Bridesmaid, appear in this amazing collection. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a series of blog posts to introduce you to my fabulous fellow authors and their fantastic books.

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The curtains are drawn, and the sheets are rumpled…

Prepare to melt for 22 tales of lustful abandon that will fulfill your deepest, darkest, most secret desires on many HOT & SINFUL NIGHTS.

Inside, you’ll find over one million words of sexy and steamy romance from today’s NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and International bestselling authors!

These wanton and wicked novels promise happily ever afters and enough heat to set more than your heart aflame with bikers, bad boys, fighters, dashing rogues, rock stars, athletes, doctors, billionaires, and more!

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Bridesmaid Trilogy

Kiss a Bridesmaid is out now!

Kiss a Bridesmaid, third in the Always a Bridesmaid series, releases today at the super low introductory price of 99 cents. Don’t wait until it goes up to $2.99 next week! Buy now.

Kiss a Bridesmaid is Shortie and Abby’s story. If you’ve read Forever a Bridesmaid, Shortie is introduced in that book as Matthew Westbrook’s friend. He owns The Pie Plate. Now, he’s working with Erin as a wedding caterer and cake baker. When a naughty canine ring bearer dashes through Forsyth Park, Shortie gives chase. Abby catches the dog’s leash and ends up in the mud. And that’s how Shortie and Abby meet.

I had a great time writing Shortie and Abby’s story and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Dragon Riding

Dragon Riding

You guys! I am a Dragon Rider!

Have you heard of Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software? It’s voice recognition software. I initially I tried to use it two years ago and it was an unmitigated disaster. I gave up after about a month of trying and getting nowhere with it. My dragon just seemed to garble everything I said and it was more trouble than it was worth.

However, Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula podcast featured Scott Baker last week and, after listening to him, I decided to give dragon riding another go. After listening to Scott, I realized that I’d set up the software incorrectly and used a wireless microphone while dictating directly into Scrivener and Word—all things that will make Dragon really confused!

I also chose the Mac version of the software which isn’t as good as Windows. However, since I’d already sunk that money and didn’t want to install Windows on my iMac, I stuck with it. I’m using version 6.06 and it seems stable so far.

So, I ordered a Blue Yeti desktop microphone (NB: Affiliate Link) from Amazon and, when it arrived the next day, set it up, without really having high hopes. I set up a new profile in Dragon and dictated for about 15 minutes. When I reviewed the file, I’d written 822 words—the core of the next scene I needed to write—with a fair degree of accuracy. In fact, the only error was that Dragon misheard the character name “Erin” as “Aaron.” Easily fixed.

Amazed, I downloaded the iPhone app that Scott recommended (Voice Record Pro) and used the five-minute ride home from dropping my son at school to dictate some more. After uploading the file to iCloud and transcribing it, I had another 266 words.

I am hooked. This is a game changer.

So, I thought I’d document how this changed my writing process here on the blog. I’ll try to update every month or so about how things are going with Figment. Yes, I named my dragon after a Disney character.

Working with Dragon also helps to ward off health problems associated with sitting, hunched over a keyboard all day. So far, I haven’t experienced repetitive stress injuries (RSI) or carpal tunnel, though I have dealt with it in the past. I’m able to be much more mobile and be up and moving around while using Dragon. I’m also able to go for my walk and finally fit in some exercise during the day—all while racking up the word count.

Today, I got my walk-and-talk set up with a Sony voice recorder and a gaming headset. I initially tried to do this with my iPhone but the headphones just required too much power. I think it’s a little more challenging to transfer the dictation files to my iMac from the Sony voice recorder than my iPhone but it’s not that much more difficult.

I’m also able to write in spare moments, like above after I dropped my son at school. For example, today, I ran errands. Since I write during my child-free time, usually when my son is at school, I had been resisting going out during the day to run errands. But sometimes there’s no other time to do it, as any mom of a school-aged child can tell you. In three dictation bursts, lasting about 5-7 minutes each, I wrote 1600 words—the first draft of this blog post and another scene done in time that I would not otherwise be able to be productive.

I also noticed that, probably because I’m not able to see the words as I dictating them, I tend to be more creative and more able to get into the flow and less inclined to edit as I go along.

Additionally, I can use Dragon to just record a few short bursts. I did a two-minute description of the wedding chapel in my next book today while I waited for my coffee to brew this morning. Another 200+ words that I can use to get a jump on the next scene in my work-in-progress.

I do have to make corrections still. Dragon is really rough—not least because, once I get going, I forget to punctuate so I end up with just one big paragraph. Working on that! But, then again, it’s only been three days.

So, all told, since I already had the software, it’s been about a $200 investment—$130 for the desktop Blue Yeti and $70 for the walk and talk set up. The iPhone app is free and, so far, it’s worked perfectly in the car. I haven’t had any transcription issues or needed a more powerful microphone for that. Not cheap but, hopefully, worth it.

I learned from Scott’s appearance and book that getting the right equipment makes all the difference when it comes to dragon riding. Transcription is amazing—it’s the secret sauce. Honestly, it’s like magic.

So far, I’m loving dragon riding. Will keep you posted. Now, I gotta get back to chatting with Figment 🙂

I would highly recommend Dragon. If you’re interested in finding out more about dragon riding, here’s some helpful links:

Dragon Nuance Software

Scott Baker’s Training Your Dragon website

His book, The Writer’s Guide to Training Your Dragon, is excellent (NB: Amazon Affiliate Link)

And here’s Scott’s appearance on the SPF podcast.

The Dragon Riders Facebook Group

Here’s the Blue Yeti desktop microphone that I purchased (NB: Amazon Affiliate Link)

Here’s the Sony Voice Recorder and headset I purchased. (NB: Best Buy Links are NOT affiliate links)

Here’s the app I’m using on my iPhone 6s. It’s FREE. Voice Record Pro.

If you have questions, let me know and I’ll try to help. Tell me, have you tried Dragon riding? What are your thoughts on it?




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Land of Dreams

I’ve mentioned my love of coloring before on the blog.  Once writing became a job for me, I needed a hobby to provide an additional creative outlet. Coloring fit the bill. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to a true meditative state.  My favorite coloring books are the ones by Johanna Basford such as Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest.

Recently, my dear friend Hannah surprised me with a Croatian coloring book as a no-special-occasion treat. Zmelja Snova is incredibly intricate and detailed far surpassing even the most difficult Johanna Basford book, Lost Ocean.

Zmelja Snova literally means “land of dreams” and each sketch possesses a fairytale quality, full of amazing detail. Pictures include dragons, fairies, castles, and more. The designs can easily take more than a week to color. In the month since I received the book, I have been having a great time coloring in these intricate designs.

The book is only available via bookstores in Croatia and is extremely expensive to ship to the United States. Facebook groups have banded together to place large orders to save on shipping.

I ordered two books and they turned out to be about $26 each. So there substantially more expensive but still worth it. The paper is very thick and can take markers and paint pens though I do find that sharpies bleed through. It’s a lot of fun coloring this one! I highly recommend it.


Next week, I’ll finally get around to talking about Pinocchio too 🙂