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Month: June 2018

My Favorite Little Luxuries #MFRWAuthor

Wow, it’s week 26 already! Sunday is mid-year day. How did that happen? Today’s prompt: My favorite indulgence (AKA a short list of things I can’t resist buying!) Tea. I love tea and can’t ever resist trying a new flavor. I have tons of boxes stacked in my pantry but my all time favorite is Harvey and Son’s Hot Cinnamon Sunset. You can sometimes find this at Target 🙂 2. Nail polish. I swear I’ve got every color under the sun but somehow, they still make more! I especially love Essie, OPI, and Floss Gloss. My favorite is OPI’s Aphrodite’s Pink…

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Top 10 Journaling Tools #MFRWAuthor

This week’s prompt: Do you keep a diary or a journal? Yes and no. I’ve always been a bit of an off and on journaler. I’ll go great guns for a while and then get bored of my whining (or come up with a great story idea) and stop. But, like many writers, there is little I love more than a new journal. Over the years, I’ve tried them all. Here are just a few of my favorites (Note: the links are Amazon Affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase, Amazon gives me a few pennies…

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What can’t you live without? #MFRWAuthor

This week’s prompt: Item I can’t live without Well, I was going to say my phone because, just like everyone else, I’m totally addicted to it. But that felt like a generic cop-out answer. The truth is that we’re all addicted to our phones, right? But mostly because it replaced all the things! Do you remember those memes that were going around circa 2010 about all the small electronics that the iPhone replaced? Bye-bye alarm clocks, white noise machine, radios, CD players, etc? It’s true. But it also struck me that none of us are addicted to the phone in the…

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Ready for a Swim? #MFRWAuthor

Today’s prompt: My most memorable experience It was tough to narrow down my memorable experiences for this week’s prompt. I’ve done several amazing trips and love to travel. As I’ve gotten (ahem!) older, I’ve become much more focused on having really cool adventures and exploring the world so I’m lucky to have a surfeit of experiences to choose from. But ultimately, I kept coming back to swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove in Orlando. The Pilot and I met Hutch, our dolphin friend, got to play with him and even swim across the frigid cove with him. Dolphins like…

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