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Month: April 2018

Read All the Books!! #MFRWAuthor

Week 17 prompt: Favorite romance genre to read or write There’s an old bit from the TV show The Odd Couple (1970s version–I think it’s the Odd Monks episode) Felix, the persnickety roommate finds himself away overnight with nothing to read before bed. In desperation, he ends up reading the back of a tube of toothpaste. (NB: I remember this as Felix but the interwebz says it was Oscar). I was probably about 8 when my mom and I watched that episode (in reruns) and she said, “That’s you!” I’ve always been a “read all the books” girl. I will read (almost)…

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Pets in Books #MFRWAuthor

Week 16’s prompt: Family, friends, and pets that I’ve written into my work. I don’t use family and friends as characters but I have written two of my pets into my books so far. The first one is Lucy’s cat Frank from The Lost Art of Second Chances. I wrote extensively about Frank for a prior blog post here. We found Frank as a kitten, along with his sister Carolina, in an abandoned barn on my father-in-law’s farm. He was a wonderful companion to me, especially while I was on four months of bedrest during my pregnancy with my son.…

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Woohoo! Celebrate Good Times! #MFRWAuthor

Today’s topic: How I celebrate completing a manuscript By starting a new one? I’m only kidding–sort of. I’ve always been blessed with tons of ideas, more than I could hope to write in five lifetimes. Thank goodness for Evernote to keep them all straight. I’ve always got tons of new story ideas that I’m excited to explore. The truth is that writing “The End” is always an enormous relief. I’m usually excited to get to the end of the current story and start something new, with new characters and issues to explore. Plus, my books always end happily so I’m…

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Seeking Gold Stars (#MFRWAuthor)

Week 14’s topic is “What I learned from my worst review.” NB: I’ve missed a few weeks due to travel and illness and will be posting catch-up entries for weeks 11-13 in the next few days. I apologize for the delay. So reviews. Love ’em, hate ’em, can’t live without them. Of course, it’s always lovely to get a gushing review. Those can buoy one’s spirits for days. Often, a rave review will come in on the days I most feel like throwing in the towel forever and that’s always nice. Sometimes a review will point out a pattern in…

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