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Meet Joe and Molly from Berries and Cream Chai

The sixth book in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series, Berries and Cream Chai, is available today!



I didn’t have a chance to write a separate blog post introducing Joe and Molly. All my Cupid’s Coffeeshop readers know coffee hunk Joe Lockhart. He and his cousins, Patrick and Zooey, run Cupid’s Coffeeshop.

I just love Joe. He’s my bad boy of Ashford Falls. You know how I love writing the bad boys. I envision Joe as a cross between Chris Pine and Josh Holloway (can you imagine how gorgeous THAT man would be?) Ashford Falls does seem to have rather a good population of unbelievably handsome men, doesn’t it?

Joe1 Joe2

Molly McCarthy is the heroine for this one. She used to be a big Silicon Valley programmer but decided she wanted a simpler life so she headed out to Virginia to resurrect an old vineyard. I envision her as Evangeline Lily, wholesome and beautiful.

Molly1 Molly2

I do have a Pinterest board for Cupid’s Coffeeshop that you might enjoy checking out. When I hit my writing goals for the day, I get a few minutes of guilt-free pinning time. Come check it out!

To celebrate the release of my ninth (!!!) book, Cafe Au Lait is FREE (until 13 June 2016). Grab some Kennedy and Alex fun for you and all your friends.

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I’ve also released a boxed set of the first four books in the series (Java Frost, Cupid’s Kiss, Lucky Latte, and Cherry Blossom Cappuccino) so if you missed the start of the series, grab that today!


And the next three books are up for pre-order so order those today!


Also, don’t forget that The Lost Art of Second Chances is on sale for the entire month of June for just 99 cents. Grab one for you and all your friends!

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Since I’m swamped with publicity for the release, Friday Favorites will return next week (6/17). See you then!!


Blue Apron Adventure #4

So, tonight, I made my fourth Blue Apron meal. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of salmon. It’s okay. I’ll eat it but it’s just not my favorite. My husband and son must have been bears in a previous life because they adore salmon so I was excited to make this meal for them.

Overall, I thought it was good. The salmon was certainly very simple to prepare this way and quick. I will probably make that again. I was a little surprised that we only got 9 asparagus stalks for 4 servings. I’d have usually made at least double that but then, we really love our asparagus here.

The other side was an ancient super grain freekah. Not loving that at all. I didn’t like the texture. Personally, I’d have preferred brown rice. The zucchini and lemon prep was fine. It tasted okay, it was more the chewy factor that I didn’t love.

Here’s my storify–for some reason I struggled with taking pix as I was making this meal. Sorry for the few tweets. I’ll have more Friday when I make our focaccia pizza.

Follow along as I make Blue Apron meal Herb-Crusted Salmon with asparagus and zucchini-freekah salad.

Follow along as I make Blue Apron meal Herb-Crusted Salmon with asparagus and zucchini-freekah salad.

Follow along as I make Blue Apron meal Herb-Crusted Salmon with asparagus and zucchini-freekah salad.