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Month: February 2016

Still Team Jess

So, more Gilmore Girls fun today. I’m now halfway through season four which means that I’ve watched the whole Jess and Rory in high school romance play out. Since someone asked, yes, I do also like Luke and Lorelai but, honestly, the most compelling relationship for me is Jess and Rory. I crazy love them.  I wrote a rambling, sorta coherent blog post about watching Gilmore Girls during my recovery from surgery back in the fall. But I thought I’d put my English Lit degree to use and analyze what makes the show work so well and how the writers…

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Meet Val and Mac from Cupid’s Kiss

Today I’d like to introduce you to the hero and heroine of Cupid’s Kiss, the second in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series. Valentina Mahon owns Val’s Cards and Gifts, directly across the square from Cupid’s Coffeeshop. And she hates Valentine’s Day. She’s become the Valentine’s Grinch of Ashford Falls. Many moons ago, my best friend managed a Hallmark store and I used to help her out and work there sometimes. Val’s holiday experiences are partly based on working there and also why I dedicated this book to my best friend, Lynn. I imagine Val looking like Bonnie Wright (She played Ginny…

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FREE Books! Celebrate release day with THREE free reads!

So, Cupid’s Kiss, the second in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series is available today. I hope you’ll love Mac and Val as much as I do. Please go purchase your copy today! To celebrate the release of Cupid’s Kiss, I’ve put three of my other novels FREE today, for a limited time (until 15 February 2016). The first book in the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series, Java Frost, is FREE!! The first book in my Always a Bridesmaid series, Forever a Bridesmaid, is FREE!! The second book in my Always a Bridesmaid, Once a Bridesmaid, is free!! The next three stories in my…

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