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Month: January 2016

Meet Ben and Amy from Java Frost

Many authors, myself included, “cast” their books. It’s enormously helpful to choose a person or a combination of several people to help envision what a character looks like, their mannerisms and their voice. I thought I’d share the cast of Java Frost with you today. In Java Frost, Amy Lane is a preschool teacher. She’s just turned thirty and, though she isn’t unhappy, she’s questioning where the adventures are that she imagined in her youth. As the story opens, she’s decided to treat herself to a trip to London over summer break but needs a part-time job to earn the…

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Cupid’s Coffeeshop is here!

Hi guys! Happy 2016! So many things going on! First, the launch of the Cupid’s Coffeeshop series with Java Frost. Cupid’s Coffeeshop centers around Patrick, Joe, and Zooey Lockhart who stand to inherit one million dollars each, if they can successfully run their grandmother’s coffeeshop for one full year. Each month, a different couple will find their happily ever after in Cupid’s Coffeeshop because Cupid’s Coffeeshop serves up love, laughter, and happily ever after. Java Frost focuses on preschool teacher, Amy, teaching Ben how to relate to his young daughter. It’s available here. And available for pre-order now: Cupid’s Kiss is about…

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